• Gelato Cup 230ml

    Italian style Ice Cream - Lower in fan than regular ice creams (containing 4-8% fat) Made with cocolate, fruits, nuts.

    After Dinner Mint - mint flavour gelato with chocolate flakes, really refreshing

    Chocolate - smooth chocolate gelato

    Exotic Swirl  - berry flavoured swirl through the gelato

    Mango - Alfonso mangos fresh and fruity

    Passionfruit - passionfruit pulp - to bring out the passion in you

    Tiramisu - wine and coffee liqueue - and Italian favourite



  • Lemon Sorbet 230ml

    Sorbet has no dairy & no fat. It is a refreshing style of gelato which is very light on the pallet and is a great way to end off a meal



  • Pepsi
      Available in 1.25L Bottle
  • Pepsi Max
      Available in 1.25L Bottle
  • Solo Drink
      Available in Can , 1.25L Bottle
  • Sunkist Drink
      Available in Can , 1.25L Bottle
  • Lemonade Drink
      Available in 1.25L Bottle , Can
  • Coca Cola Can

    Can of regular Coca Cola


  • Diet Coke Can

    Can of Diet Coca Cola


  • Zero Coke

    Can of Zero Coca Cola


  • Test Product



    $600ml - $2.5  1.25L - $5

  • Tiramisu Cake



  • Chocolate Mousse



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